Wedding Albums

Preserving your wedding day…

As little girls there was nothing more my sister and I loved doing than dress up in our mothers wedding dress .. plastering bright red lipstick all over our lips and beyond in a pair of mums shoes many sizes too big, both giggling away. We would often sit with mum looking at the few black and white images mum and dad had from their wedding day. Back in the 60’s they were a little head of their time and had a roll of colour slide film shot too.. I remember squinting my eyes holding the slide up to a light trying to make out the people in the photos .. the memories still make me smile today, dad in his suit and mum with her handmade dress and veil..

Fast forward quite a few years and my little girl loves looking at our wedding album, when she was very young she would say “one day mummy I want to be a princess like you..”

In today’s World of instant gratification and the speed at which everything is available to us it’s easy to overlook the longevity of wedding photographs. The memories you hold just after your wedding can easily fade with the years, the beauty of a wedding album is it holds all these intangible moments and cements them together. We are so lucky today in that a wedding day story is so much more than a few black and white photographs many of them stiff posed group photographs.

Todays wedding albums tell the story of the day, the look, feel and highly emotional days all for generations to come.

I offer a range of wedding albums to suit personal style, taste and budgets.

Coffee table wedding album

A custom designed album with the photographs printed directly on the page. Edge to edge photographs perfectly retelling the story of your day.

Storybook Wedding Album

Like the coffee table album the storybook wedding album is custom designed and bespoke made. A quality product designed to last

The Completto Wedding Album

The ultimate in handcrafted Italian beauty. A perfect blend of classic mounting sitting along side the modern full page bleed .. Wedding albums really don’t get any better than this .. want to see how this ones beautifully hand crafted check out the short film below

Completto wedding album lovingly hand crafted.. the very best of wedding albums.