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Top tips for stress free wedding photography


With over 18 years photographing weddings its safe to say I have alot of experience when it comes to keeping the photography side of a wedding day as stress free as possible, here are some of my top tips …

  • Get all the small details together in one place … Brides shoes

You will spend a considerable amount of time planning the smaller details of your wedding attire.  These tell the story of your attention to detail, ensure these get captured by putting them together in one place this will make life easier for your photographer and ensure you know where they are when it comes to putting them on ..

Try This:  Put together in one place and let a member of your bridal party know where they are so they can instruct your photographer, items to consider, Wedding Dress | Bridesmaids Dresses | Jewellery | Wedding Shoe’s | Garter | Rings | Perfume | Any special momento’s you will be carrying down the aisle.

Be ready on time or even early!  Bride

Time is very precious at any time and no more so than on your wedding day.  Being organized and staying on time will lead to a stress free morning.

Try This: Add half an hour to the time given for hair & make up | Ask the bridesmaids to be ready half an hour before you need them to be and use this time to celebrate in style! | 







Family!  Wedding Group photography

If family photographs are important to you write a list!.  Knowing all the family group photographs you would like in advance gives you time to consider carefully the photographs you really want.  Give your photographer a list of these in advance of your day so they can arrange them on the day for you.

Try This: List the your families and then write the list of formal group photographs you would like | if you are wanting a more informal style of wedding photography, keep the group photographs to a minimum this will allow you more time with your guests and likewise more time for your photographer to capture these moments.


Allowing for your day to flow without being rushed is the key to a stress free day.  Talk to your wedding venue about timings and discuss with your photographer the length of time they will need for photographs, especially if you do want a number of family group photographs

Try This: Sit down with your wedding co-coordinator and look at the timings of your day | consider a slightly later wedding breakfast or earlier ceremony time if timings look too tight.





Delegate!  Fairytale Wedding Photography

When it comes to wedding photography one of the most difficult area’s is having the right people in the right place at the right time.  A good photographer will know how to manage this but you can help by giving a trusted wedding guest a list of the group photographs you would like and they can assist the photographer.

Try This: Give a copy of the group photo list to a family friend who will know who is who to help arrange the group photographs | Choose one person who knows the bride’s family | Choose one person who knows the groom’s family 


Don’t sweat the small stuff! 

Even the best laid plans don’t away’s follow through, don’t stress your wedding guests won’t notice the small stuff in many cases they may not even know it was meant to be.  Enjoy your day,  however it unfolds, it will make it more memorable.

Try This: Remember this is just one day! you deserve to enjoy your day no matter what … and should the worst happen your wedding day will at least have memoriable stories to tell.


Spend some time with each other. Fairytale Wedding Photographs

Take some time out for each other be it 5-10 minutes, stepping away from the lime light will give you some time to reflect on the day so far.  Use this time for some portraits of you together, take a short walk around the grounds of your wedding venue and enjoy each other.

Try this: Visit your wedding venue with your photographer to look at the best locations for portraits of you together | plan for good and bad weather.

Love your photographer!  Fun fairytale Weddings

Your photographer will probably spend as much if not more time with you than anyone person on your wedding day.  Love them, feel comfortable in their company, get to know them as you would a friend and in turn on the day you will love having them by yourside.  A professional will hold your hand throughout the day, guiding you and leading you on a beautiful journey though out your day.  Then when the time finally draws to a close on your big day, you will share the amazing memories you have created.

Try this: Meet with your wedding photographer over a coffee | chat about your likes and dislike’s your vision for your big day | make sure you feel comfortable in their company and love their work.

Know your style! Fairytale Weddings

Choosing a professional photographer can be quite a challenge as every person will view the World slightly differently.  This being said knowing the style of photography you like and choosing a photographer who can create this will give you the end result you desire.

Try This: Research photography, not just wedding photography but look to magazines and the internet for photographs you like | create a pinterest board of styles of photography you like | follower photographers you like on instagram.

Evening Romance! Fairytale Weddings

Magical moments happen when you are most relaxed so look to take a few photographs after your first dance, you will both be more relaxed knowing the day has gone well and you can enjoy some time together

Try this:  Evening portraits are beautiful as the light is softer especially in the summer months | venues which are lit up make beautiful backdrops and make the wow moments in your beautiful wedding album.


I hope these little tips help you have a beautifully stress free day.. remember the hard work has been done its not time to relax, be excited and enjoy your magical day …..