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The Positives of a Covid Wedding

Summer 2020 will go down in history for the least amount of weddings since records begun all thanks to a Global pandemic! It’s hard to stay positive. Here are so of the the positives of a covid wedding that I have experienced this year.

So while many couples are postponing their big day to 2021/2022 there are many that are embracing the small intimate affairs and have the best day ever.

A pick of wedding venues

With so many couples postponing their wedding day many venues have availability throughout the coming months. Usually, venues have minimum no’s on wedding guests but with the current government limit on this, it does means you can have the venue of your dreams, in most cases all to yourselves at the fraction of the cost.

The Guest list

Selecting who to invite to your wedding especially if parents get involved and want long lost auntie Jude who you haven’t see since you were 3 can lead to a stressful planning environment and family friction.. With the limit on no’s to currently 15 you select the people who you really want to share the day with you .. with the help of technology you can set up a zoom meeting and invite your guests to share your ceremony.

Wedding Budgets ..

the truth is weddings can get expensive .. especially if you are have 100’s of guests to feed and entertain, saving the penny’s on a small intimate wedding means you can have a few more luxuries that maybe you wouldn’t have at your wedding .. or spend on a luxury honeymoon or your future lives together.

More time with your guests ..

Spending time with your wedding guests during the drinks reception is a wonderful part of your day but it can get quite stressful getting round to see everyone when you have a high no of guests. The drinks reception can sometimes feel cramped packed full of things to do, from photographs to seeing everyone to checking everyone is having a great time.. With an intimate wedding this helps to reduce the pull on your time.

Time together

Spending time with the one you love on your wedding day is absolutely the best time spent .. you get to catch up on your day together, tell stories of your mornings and look lovingly into each others eyes .. and get some beautiful photographs of you together … or even in the case of one of my weddings this Summer in London we went for a 2 hour horse and carriage ride around the city taking in the sights, seeing the streets of London almost deserted and getting the most beautiful of photographs, which under normal wedding circumstances we would never have had a truly fairytale wedding day ..

Evening entertainment

now this is the area thats a little more difficult to put a positive spin on especially of you are a party couple at heart. With Wedding Disco’s and live music currently not allowed. However, if the thought of a first dance fills you with dread having a covid wedding is the perfect excuse … hold a longer drinks reception and a later time to your wedding breakfast .. and fill your evening with good food and chat. No an iPod playing music is no substitute for great musical entertainment but a solo singer or musician will give your evening the perfect ambience.

Your wedding day is very much about the two of you, so whenever you plan to have your wedding ensure your day is all you want it to be and if the reasons above make you think that a positive covid wedding is for you don’t hold back and go for it … theres always time for a big party to celebrate your love on your 1st Anniversary … Feel free to say hello to gain access to all my knowledge on weddings

To check current government wedding guidelines click here