Relaxed Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers talk a lot about offering relaxed wedding photography.  From a couples point of view how can having a camera follow you around on your wedding day, documenting your every move be relaxing?  Let’s be real unless you are a model.  One who’s use to having their photograph taken on a daily basis the thought of photographs can feel overwhelming…

I’m going to let you into a little secret one I share with all my couples.  In reality on your wedding day there is so much going on you probably won’t notice too much.  Be it the hustle of morning prep and everyone getting ready.  To the emotion of the wedding ceremony.  Then by the time you are hitting the dance floor in the evening most of what went before is a bit of a euphoric haze.   With so much being packed into one day our brains cannot take it all in.  Which is also why you want a brilliant photographer who will capture it all for you.

When you choose your photographer you really want to find a friend.  Some one you trust and to a certain degree ignore!. (Well maybe not when they are organising group photographs!) But for the most part ignoring and enjoying your day is what it should be all about, wouldn’t you agree?

What do I mean when I say I offer relaxed wedding photography.  What I really mean is that I want you to be in the moment enjoying everything that is going on around you. Live, breath it eat it take everything in.  After all you have taken a long time planning your amazing wedding day.  In this way you are really experiencing your wedding day.  My couples ability to ignore me on their wedding day really does lead to relaxed wedding photography.  For the main part they hardly know I am there.  Quietly in the background documenting the emotions, the memories & the intangible moments they want to treasure forever.

Trust is the most important part in my relationship with my wedding couples, that and communication.  I want to know what you like and don’t like, share a Pinterest board that inspires and excites you so I have a vision of what you see.   Most importantly you need to feel comfortable.  Sharing all your ideas and thoughts so through your wedding our friendship grows..


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(a few examples of what I mean ..!)