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Must Have Wedding Photos

Wedding Planning

Bridal party group

Must have wedding photos – Knowing which photographs you want and don’t want is so important. Your photographer may have a list they usually do but if this is missing important ones to you, they may not take them. Likewise if their list is full of photographs that aren’t important to you, this will waste valuable time that you could be spending with your wedding guests.

Time in the morning with your bridesmaids

Offley Place Wedding

With so many options for cute PJ’s and robes its lovely to get a few memories of the girls before they get in to their dresses. A few giggles after a glass of bubbles is always so much fun.

The Dress

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

The moment you put your dress on. for the first time you are seeing your hair, make up and all your wedding details complete with your wedding dress. Your vision is complete and has come to life. Months even years of planning come down to this one day.

Dads 1st look

Must have wedding photos

You will forever be daddy’s little girl but seeing you for the first time in your wedding dress is truly a magical moment. His little girl all ready to be a bride .. trying to keep emotions in check!.

Grooms men

Hertfordshire Wedding Photos

So handsome in their suits their mission to give you the best day ever. They serve with purpose to ensure the day goes to plan and support the main man. Keep the moments relaxed and if needed have a chat about the football!

Spontaneous moment

Must have wedding Photos

Spontaneous moment are the very best .. they are hard to plan in advance but the very best photographers look out for them and are always ready to capture the moment.

Family Group photos

Family wedding Photo

Personally the family group photographs are some of the most important I take at a wedding. A wedding is one of the few times families gather all dressed up willing to have their photographs taken. They become treasured heirlooms years after the wedding has passed. They are the story of your family.

Bridal Party

Fairtyale Wedding Photos

They support and help throughout the wedding planning. Your bridal party maybe made of of family and friends these guys celebrate your love for each other like no others.

Time together

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

Some of the most important photos are of you together. Step away from the lime light just for a short while and enjoy your time together. Chat about your day so far and take in the moments of your time together.

Group photograph of everyone.

Large Wedding Group photo

It’s not necessary to have a long endless list of group photographs if this isn’t your thing. Creating a group photograph with all your wedding guests is perfect for having a photograph of everyone at your wedding. Should you wish to break the large group into smaller ones this is perfect for your photographer to communicate to all your guests on what happens next.


Grandparents Wedding Photos

Grandparents can have a special bond with their grandchildren. If you are lucky enough to have them around for your wedding be sure to include a photo of them with you. They will treasure it for the rest of their lives and you will have a memory of them for the rest of yours.

Must have wedding photos creative night portraits

Must have wedding photos

Some of my favourite photographs have been taken at night. My couples are usually at their most relaxed and I know I have all the safe photographs so its my time to get creative and add the magic to the final pages of the wedding album.

I hope you have found my Must Have Wedding Photos helpful. In truth there are hundreds of photographs I could have added.

My advice .. think about what is important to you and the moments you are most looking forward to seeing in your wedding album. Write them down and communicate with your photographer. If they don’t know what you want theres no guarantee you will get them in your collect, however ” traditional or expected” you think they may be assume nothing.

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