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Informal Wedding Photography | What to consider

Ever had friends take photos of a night out. Everyone having fun and then looked back at the photos and thought wow .. what are those faces I have pulled. Why are my eyes always closed? and why is it my friends always look so great!!!. I know I have.

Every couple I have ever photographed has wanted a degree of relaxed & informal wedding photography. Photographs that bring back all the memories and tell the story of love, emotion and the ah moments that bring their wedding back to life. The look in the eyes of proud parents, to giggles with the bridal party not to mention romantic & elegant portraits, not cheesy cheese ones!.. But how does a wedding photographer really capture these moments.

Getting to know you!

By getting to know my wedding couples, is the first step, in most cases a pre-wedding shoot helps to dispel many fears. As humans we create a fear of the un-known. Yet by experiencing what it is like to be professionally photographed this gives you confidence in enjoying your wedding day.

The main difference is that a professional photographer, with years of experience pre-empts what is going to happen. In much the same way a professional tennis player already knows which direction the tennis ball will head before it has ever left the opponent’s hand by reading the body language. A professional photographer will quietly watch the moments as they unfold.

So maybe its best not to totally ignore your wedding photographer, but for the majority of your wedding photographs focus on the two of you. When you look back on your wedding photographs you’ll want to remember how you felt, not how you were posed. Unless you’re a professional model, constantly interacting with the camera will make you look stiff and unnatural. Interacting naturally with your partner will make your true self come to life.

Most importantly .. Relax, focus on yourselves, laugh, cry and most importantly get lost in the moments of your beautiful day. Even if little things don’t quite go to plan .. don’t stress the most important part is being with the people you love.

Take a look at some key moments of natural wedding photography ..

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