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Helen + Daniel’s Great Barn Wedding | London

Weddings are full of traditions, knowing which ones to keep can be tricky to decide, but when generations of your family have all married at the same church .. what a wonderful tradition to keep..

Every wedding has its own story and I love hearing families traditions and story’s, Helen’s veil was so very delicate and fragile, a perfect compliment to her wedding dress. “My veil belonged to my Grandmother’s aunt. It was found when Grandma was sorting out her cousin Derek’s property after he died. It must have last been used in the late 1800’s. It was very fine lace which matched the colour of my dress. It needed quite a few repairs but flowed really beautifully.”

The church was very special to me (Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury). My grandma has sung in the choir there since the 1970’s and all of her children went to church there with her every Sunday. My mum and my aunt Mary (read at the wedding) both were married there. I had always dreamed of getting married there as it’s such a beautiful church. Daniel knew this, but we didn’t know whether we would be able to get married in the church as he has not been christened or baptised. We often walk up the hill from our flat (which is in the Parish) on a Sunday afternoon and often used to trigger conversations about the wedding we might have if we ever got married. Daniel chose to propose to me on the front steps of the church in the snow in March last year so that it was still involved somehow! Luckily we spoke with the priest and he was happy for us to marry there. 

Keeping the reception venue close to the church really helped keep the transition from Ceremony to Reception as smooth as possible. There are not many surviving 16th Century Barns in London, but The Great Barn London is a stunning venue, recently refurbished and the perfect backdrop to a wonderful relaxed wedding reception.

Helen + Daniel have kindly shared their suppliers and a some wise words!

About Julia:- Helen met Julia at a wedding fayre at Hatfield House. She was instantly warm and friendly, whilst telling us a great story of how her extensive experience had helped out on a frantic wedding morning for one of her clients. Julia had photographed a wedding at our reception before and was able to show us some of her beautiful pictures which reassured us that she was right for us. Daniel and I met with Julia so that he could see some of her work and we were both impressed by the relaxed nature of her photos and clear organisational skills! On the day. Julia was reassuring and put us all at ease whilst organising the younger and older guests quickly and efficiently. Several guests commented on how late in the evening Julia stayed (well past the first dance and captured some lovely moments at the end of the night) and her commitment to taking the best photo’s by lying down on the floor when needed!

Best memory of your wedding day: Seeing the bridal party together in the garden of my parent’s house was a really special moment. Group bouncing on the castle was special; seeing the joy on everyone’s faces. Also, the first dance was really special to one of my favourite songs; we had great fun and forgot everyone was there.

Any advice to future couples planning a wedding
: Take some time away as a couple to let the day sink in. 

Anything you would change: Wearing sun screen!

Suppliers –

Dresses – David’s Bridal | Grooms Suit – Moss Bross| Florist – L Cook | Hair + Make up – Andrea Pellegrini | Wedding car – Tesla x | Wedding rings – Sinclair

Below are some of the beautiful memories from Helen + Daniels amazing day.