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5 Top Tips when choosing a wedding venue

Choosing a Wedding Venue

When it comes to choosing your wedding venue theres a lot at stake .. your venue will single handedly dictate alot about the feel and vibe of your wedding day, so choose wisely. Below are some of the points you may like to consider, also if you have been at a wedding recently ask yourself what did you like about it and what you may have done differenlty. Remember there are no right or wrong answers this is all about planning the wedding you want ..

The Style of your venue || With such a huge choice in wedding venues and locations knowing where to start is like writing a book, in the beginning it can seem a daunting an overwhelming decision. One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is what kind of style of wedding do I want .. a formal country house affair, a rustic Barn, tipi in a field with welly boots and hay bales, to a marque in the garden .. the choice and posiblities are endless. Will the ceremony be in Church, a civil ceremony or celebrant lead. Knowing the answer to these question will certainly help you focus on your search.

Know your numbers || This is a key question, knowing how many guests you want to invite to your day and evening will help narrow down your venue list. If a large wedding is your dream will all your friends and family you need to have the space to accomodate them not only on a beautiful sunny day but also if the weather was to be changable or wet an inside space large enough so you don’t feel cramped. Likewise if you perfer a small intamate affair a large venue may leave you feeling like you are all rattling around like marbles.

Evening reception || The evening reception is in some cases longer then the wedding day part .. unyet it can be very under prepaired for .. The big question here is what is your vision of your evening reception, a dance floor full of everyone dancing, laughing away or maybe a more sidate affair. Where is the bar in relationship to the dance floor? This is a biggy if you want a dance floor full .. a good dj / band will help but if the bar is in a different room you can bet that a lot of your guests could end up spending more time at the bar!!!.

How many rooms are available during the evening .. yes having a quiet room for guests who would like to catch up and chat is great but if you are in a big stately home where there are lots of rooms for guests to escape too theres a chance everyone will be so spaced out that the atomosphere of the dance floor is difficult to create. Be realistic if you are having a summer wedding theres a fair chance that if your wedding day is a hot one during the course of the evening your guests will prefer to relax on a terreace enjoying drinks outside and long summer evenings rather than a hot dance floor.

Accomodation || This can be a must if you are asking guests to travel to your wedding from a distance, however some of the best venues don’t have accomodation so if this is the case with the venue you have fallen in love with then check out local hotels, b&b’s any popular wedding venue will be sure to have something close by. If your choosen venue does offer accomodation, check how many rooms you will be able to book and how soon after booking your wedding. If you venue has more than one wedding in a day they may allocate a set no of rooms to each wedding couple. Always ask for a group booking price!

Wet Weather Plan || The best laid plans cannot predict what the Great British weather will hold on your wedding day, so avoid any disappointment and make a plan. When visiting a venue before booking ask where the ceremony will be held, drinks reception & where photographs can be taken if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Check out those rooms check that they will be big enough to accomodate all your guests comfortably and if the same room is to be used for photographs ensure there is enough space for this too expecially if you would like large group photographs. If the room has furniture will this be removed or remain on your wedding day?

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