5 Top tips on stress free wedding photography

5 Top tips on stress free wedding photography

Love your wedding photographer!

Well like them at the very least… Unless you go with a purely documentary style wedding photographer .. theres a fair chance you will be spending a substantial amount of time in their company. Weddings are intimate affairs and in particular when you are getting ready in the morning if the presences of your photographer sends you in to a frenzy you can be sure by the end of the day your wedding day memories will be somewhat tarnished. Always meet your photographer before booking (exceptions, can be if you have seen them at a friends wedding but I would still advise on meeting personalities can clash and just because your friend got on with them doesn’t always mean you will.

Pre-wedding planning meeting

I always have a meeting ahead of your wedding day at your wedding venue, it gives us a great chance to walk around the venue together look at potential photography locations and get to know you and what you like. At the meeting we discuss photography, your families and the formal group photographs you would like to have. We plan for all eventualities including the weather … sadly I cannot predict what the weather will be like on your wedding day but having a wet weather plan is so important for you so when you wake up on your big day no matter what mother nature throws at us we have it covered.

Know the photographs you would like ..

I touched on this above writing a list of photographs and family members in them this gives you one less thing to remember .. I always write up a photo list of my wedding couples this helps us both, for me I can list the photographs in a logical order so guests aren’t hanging around un-necessary, my couples know if the photograph is on the list it will be taken and it saves a lot of time knowing what we are doing and who’s required making the photography short sweet and most of all fun.

Take time away with for you both .

so this goes back to point one liking your photographer .. when you love your photographer they become invisible, when it comes to taking a step away from your wedding for a short while to have some alone time and beautiful photographs you won’t even know they are there (with the exception of maybe a bit of direction). This time together is so important you can chat about the day so far, look lovingly into each others eyes and reflect on all your emotions.

Finally … Relax, have fun, don’t stress and if all else fails keep smiling!

If you have chosen the right photographer for you, on the day they will guide you and support you, help out where necessary and be your on-hand expert … at least thats how I work ..

For more information or to have a chat about your wedding plans please send me a message, I love sharing my fountain of knowledge.

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