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5 Things not to do on your wedding day …

Lets be honest there’s plenty of advise on what to do on your wedding day, but heres 5 things not do do on your wedding day!

Don’t stress about the weather … !

I know when you vision your big day especially if its a summer wedding, reception drinks on the lawn, garden party games and long summer evenings are high up there on the expectation. But we can’t control the weather .. so best plan for all vairations .. have brolly’s on hand and embrace the creativity of your photographer for the most magical of wedding portraits. There are pro’s and cons to both hot summer days and wet one’s. Embrace and remember everyone will be on the dance floor if the weather takes a turn for the worse .. ever cloud has a silver linning…

Don’t forget what you need! ..

If you are getting ready at your venue or hotel or away from home make a list of what you are taking, double check everything and don’t forget your wedding dress bag if you are getting ready at home and then staying at a Hotel on your wedding night .. the last thing you want is your beautiful gown being put in a bin bag to take it home..

Don’t plan ever second of your day

Yes a good spreadsheet with a list of who is doing what is great. Communication with your bridal party on their roles and what you expect of them is excellent planning, but military style planning is stressful when it doesn’t go quite to plan so leave some contingency time especially in the morning will keep the day running much smoother..

Don’t drink too much ..!

This is contentious as everyone has their own limits when it comes to alcohol but waking up the morning after your wedding with a killer hangover, not remembering much of the day isn’t a great start to married life .. plus the memories of your day become a blur .. make sure you eat before drinking and balance it with water, keeping hydrated is the key in particular if you get married on a hot summers day …

Don’t sweat the small stuff ….!

Ok so this may be easier said than done, but on the morning of your wedding if the little things don’t go exactly to plan .. don’t stress the chances are if you don’t make a big deal know one will be any the wiser … yeap I get it you want your day to be absolutely perfect, but for a second lets get real even the best laid plans can go a skew! Don’t let minor things tarnish the memory of your amazing day.

So now you know my 5 things not to do on your wedding day .. relax and enjoy it will be the best day ever ..

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