Who is Julia Walters?

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Who is Julia Walters?

No not a famous actress comedian although I really do wish I had her sense of humor sometimes especially with the little people!!!  Julia Walters is a fun loving, slightly crazy & very busy wedding photographer who also loves to photograph squeegee newborn baby’s but thats another site.

Photography and people are my two loves along with eating amazing food especially if it is cooked by my husband.

So what is a wedding like when it is photographed by Julia? A wedding with Julia is:-

  • Fun! (not long stuffy photographs) – What can I say we have all been at a wedding where the photography went on and on and on the guests got a little tipsy and the smiles faded fast.  Not my idea of fun I don’t know about you!
  • Organised – There is nothing worse than a photographer asking a wedding couple on their wedding day what photographs they would like, lets be honest on your wedding day you have far better things to think about and the thought of missing great aunt Jayne from a photograph well lets not go there!

A wedding with Julia as your photographer is a well thought out and planned so you know what you want to achieve and how it will happen.

Firstly Julia meets with her wedding couples at their wedding venue at least 6 weeks before the big day.  Together you will walk around the venues look at all the possible photography opportunities and plan where we will take the photographs.  We put a Plan A (beautiful weather) Plan B (not so beautiful weather so when the big day arrives the weather isn’t going to ruin your day.  A list of the formal must have photographs is written up and Julia organises this into a logical working order for the day so that we aren’t constantly looking for people and waiting from them to take the photographs.  Working efficiently Julia is able to get her wedding couples the heairloom family portraits while also giving a relaxed feel and time for all the informal moments that are happening during the reception.

Like what you are reading? If the answer is yes then give Julia a call today have a chat over coffee about your wedding day plans and dreams.  Julia can be best reached on her mobile 07957683558